the right stuff for fixing your hammock

To properly hang your hammock some fixing materials might come in handy.
We offer some simple yet elegant, durable fixing materials for that task.

To attach your hammock to a wood use the curl hook. To attach your hammock in a stone wall use the cpncrete hook.
Best is to let the hook stick out slightly upwards about 10 degreess.

We also have rope for you to bridge a distance between the hammock and the hook.

The carabiner clip and the bow shackle are useful if you want to detach the hammock and leaving the ropes in place.
The catabiner clip is a bit more elegant and easier to use, the bow shackle is stronger.
Therefore we advise the carabiner clip for basic and mid size hammocks and the bow shackle for large, double and all spreader bar hammocks.
For hammock chairs we also advise to use the bow shackle.
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