Uncarved hammocks

reconnect, reshape and be reborn

Lie down, lie down in the hammock.
Feel yourself, see the sky, hear the breeze through the branches of the trees, feel the sunlight warm your skin.
Become rest, reconnect to yourself.
All the things unnecessary disappear. One by one.
And what stays is the first you. It is the uncarved block. I's what you always were, always have been.

The Uncarved hammock of Naya Nayon are premium entirely cotton hammocks.
The are woven by artisans in Ecuador, South America, by the Otavalo Indians who have preserved their weaving skills during five hundred years.
Each hammock is made with skill and dedication, woven and hand finished, and thoroughly controlled on its perfection.
South American artisan's skill and European design and perfection, a beautiful blend of the best of both worlds.
An Uncarved Hammock of Naya Nayon is the best you can get for a hammock: beautiful, strong, durable, fair trade.

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