Fair trade

If there is a hammock to be called fair trade , it is the Naya Nayon hammock.
Naya Nayon hammocks are made in the Otavalo region in the northern Andes higlands of Ecuador.
The inhabitants of the region are the Otavalo Indians.
In small family run bussiness the hammocks are woven and Naya Nayon works over ten year with a number of these.
We pay a fair price for the hammocks.
No child labour is involved and the workers receive good wages.
Naya Nayon tries to diminish as much as possible the environmental footprint of the hammock production.
Dyeing the Chagra hammocks is done by a professional company with registered non toxic dyes and with separation of the drain.

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Hammock Sizes

When choosing the size of your hammock consider:

  • how spacious you want to lie?
  • how much space do you have?

We offer hammocks in four sizes:

typecloth (cm)distance between fixing points
Basicbasic220 x 120330
Mediummedium230 x 130345
Largelarge240 x 140360
Doubledouble240 x 160360

Do you

  • want a hammock for one person or is the distance between your fixing points untill 330 cm, take then a basic hammock
  • want to lie perpendicular in the hammock and your space is 350 cm wide, go for the large hammock
  • want to lie like a king in your hammock and yo have over 360 cm, take then the double hammock

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Material of the hammocks

The Quiteña, Charga and Antique hammocks are woven of 100 % cotton.
The Marinera, DreamCatcher, Cult, Tribe and Cool Summer are 80 % cotton and 20 % acrylic.
The Orense and Europe hammocks are 50 % and 50 % acrylic.
At last the Otavaleña hammocks are 100 % acrylic.

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Fixing the hammocks

The fixing points of the hammocks need to be around 1,5 meter above the ground.
Where the distance between the fixing points is more, meaning that you use a cord, the fixing points need to be higher at those side where you use the cord, such that the end of the hammock stays 1,5 meter above the ground.

When lying in the hammock, this needs to hang somewhat curved, not too tense.
But becasue the hammock will stretch when you lie in it, she needs to be more or less tense when fixing it.

Some hammocks strectch more then others.
The cotton hammocks tend to shrink when stored and consequently will stretch more when being used.

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Naya Nayon hammock can be washed. The full and mostly cotton hammocks can be washed at 40 °C and can shrink up to 10 '.
The shrinked hammock will stretch again when you use her afterwards.
The dyed hammocks (Chagra) should be washed apart.

Tip! Place the hammock in its bag when washing. Or tie a knot in the cords. Otherwise the braided cords can unravel.

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Our cotton hammocks, because of their thick cloth, tend to shrink when stored.
Using them they will strectch back to thier original size.

This is particulary the case with the dyed cotton hammocks, the Chagra and the Antique series
These can be up to 40 cm shorter than expected when you take them out of its bag.
Within a few hours of use the hammock will stretch to its original size.

So when the hammocks looks too small when you unpack it, first check if it will stretch.

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Maintaining your hammock in good shape

A hammock is made for lying, sitting, reading, swaying and other easy going activities.
Be careful that other rougher uses might damage your hammock or tear the cloth.
All hammocks except the double sizes are made for one person.
Before first use and regularly afterwards check that the braids, the cords and the loop are in good shape and fastened.
Babies love to sleep in a gentle swaying hammock. Attach the hammock close to a soft underground so that when it crawls out will not het hurt.

Your Naya Nayon hammock can last for years, if you handle it with care.
This means:
Do not let get wet, store when dry, when not in use store inside, do not jump in the hammock.

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If you want to return the hammock after receiving it, you can do that.

Notify us and send the hammock back to us.
The hammock must be returned in its orignal hammock bag and must be unused.
Once we receive your hammock in good shape, we will refund or send a replacement according your wishes.
Send your hammock back to:

Naya Nayon
Akeleistraat 18 B
6707 BZ
The Netherlands

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Each Naya Nayon hammock is checked on twenty points before it is accepted.
In case one defective hammock slipped through and you got it, you can change it directly.

We garantuee the hammock for three years.

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We store your data not on our internet servers.
We do not give your data to third parties.
We will only use your email for notifications according your order.
As payment is done by bank deposit of third parties (PayPal) we do not receive any sensitive data from you.

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Our webshop does not make use of cookies.
So no data is saved to your computer.

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