Cool Summer Moss Hammock


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size cloth:130 x 230cm
total length:340cm
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59 €

size cloth:160 x 240cm
total length:360cm
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the hammock that brings you back to life

You know what a hammock is for?
To rest. To softly swing. Loose the world around you. And let all flow.
And that's what the Cool Summer Hammock of Naya Nayon is for.

Cool Summer hammocks are cotton hammocks with stripes in soft colours.
Woven of thick cotton cloth and finished by hand in the weaveries of Naya Nayon in Ecuador, South America, the birth place of the hammock.
All our hammocks are quality hammocks. Each one has been extensively checked and will last for years.

The Cool Summer Hammocks are Snow with white on off white, Sky with sky blue on off white, Moss with moss green on of white and as Sand with sand brown stripes on of white.
Come and enjoy one.
  • Quality hammock
  • Woven and finished by hand in Ecuador, South America
  • Each hammock extensively checked
  • Thick cloth
  • Fair trade
  • Own import
Naya Nayon Hammocks are quality hammocks. See more about Naya Nayon Hammocks.

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